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Kovitz, Sonia <Sonia.Kovitz@...>

Hi Jake,
I too was one of those who responded to Ron. In fact "Przytyk" is a REAL
Polish word
derived >from Polish roots, entirely separate >from the name of the town (and
its history).
The existence in Polish of the word for "hint or allusion" long predated the
historical events
that led to the particular connotations of the town's name among Jews.

"It's better to know some of the questions than all of the answers." James

Interestingly, the word "przytyk" seems to have been incorporated into
the Polish language. However, the Polish word is not only
devoid of the
sense of outrage in the Jewish usage of the term, but even has playful
undertones. The online Polish-English dictionary at
http://www.poltran.com/ translates it as "hint; allusion; fling;
flip; flirt; hit."

It seems that everyone knew that the trial was a sham.

Jake Goldstein
Boston, Massachusetts

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