artist Julius SINGER (1880-?) #austria-czech

Irene Newhouse

One of my relatives is Julius SINGER, born 18 Jun 1880 in Bielitz, Austria-Hungary, now
Bielsko-Biala, Poland, to Sidonie nee MOSCHKOWITZ & Filip SINGER. He taught art in Brno,
later in Prague, where he also dealt in antiquities. As a Gymnasium teacher, his title was
Professor. >from family information, including the book "In the Nick of Time" by Max
HEITLINGER, he survived the Holocaust, settling in London, where he had a gallery & died in
1967. Online auction sites often feature book plates (ex libris) designed by Julius SINGER.
I know this is my relative because a contact in the HEITLINGER family told me he received
some personalized Singer book plates in his youth. Where it gets a bit stickier is that there
are also art works by a Julius SINGER online & it's not clear if this is the same artist as the
book plate designer. The online auction sites vary Julius SINGER's birth year - I've seen 1870,
1880, and 1881. They usually agree that he died in 1942 - one assumes a Holocaust victim.
I have tried contacting some of these sites, asking for their source for his date of death, and
haven't gotten any response. I've checked the online Terezin records and Yad Vashem for
another artist of about the same age as 'my' Julius SINGER, but haven't found any definite
information. There was another Julius SINGER deported >from Prague, about a year younger
than 'mine', but there's no information on his occupation. Does anyone have further information
on artist[s] Julius SINGER, or have a contact address for someone who might know?

Please note that living where I do, I don't even have access to interlibrary loan out of state or
with the university library, which is a plane trip away. So I haven't been able to do the sort of
book research I might have done elsewhere.

Irene Newhouse
Kihei Hawaii USA

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