Yizkor Books #YizkorBooks October 2004 update for Yizkor Book Project #yizkorbooks

Joyce Field

In the month of October 2004 the Yizkor Book Project added three new
books and six new entries, and updated 12 books. There are now 624
entries at http://www.jewishgen.org/Yizkor/translations.html. To
make it easier for you to identify, the work completed during October
has been "flagged" in the alphabetical index.

New books:

-Budanov, Ukraine
-Jewish Music in Poland Between the World Wars, Muzika Yehudit
B'Polin Bein Shtei Milchamot Haolam,
http://www.jewishgen.org/Yizkor/musicians/musicians.html. It is
listed under the Miscellaneous category in the Index
-Terebovlya, Ukraine

New entries:

-Czeladz, Poland: Pinkas HaKehillot, Poland, vol. 5
-Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland: Pinkas HaKehillot, Poland, vol. 7
-Dolina, Ukraine: Pinkas HaKehillot, Poland, vol. 2
-Hirlau, Romania: Pinkas HaKehillot, Romania, vol. 1
-Husi, Romania: Pinkas HaKehillot, Romania, vol. 1
-Mazeikiai, Lithuania: Yahadut Lita


-Bedzin, Poland
-Bolekhov, Ukraine
-Bukowina: History of the Jews in the Bukowina, chapter "Jewish Sport
in the Bukowina, " volume 1, pp. 167-172
-Holocaust in Belarus
-Marghita, Romania
-Molchadz, Belarus
-Novogrudok, Belarus
-Oradea, Romania
-Podgaytsy, Ukraine
-Ropczyce, Poland
-Stepan, Ukraine
-Volozhin, Belarus

We want to take this time to remind you that many yizkor books are
being translated by a professional translator, and donations are
needed to pay for this important work. Please click on to
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Without the support of JewishGen, these yizkor book translations
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taking you to the JewishGen web site, and then decide without
hesitation to make a financial investment in the Yizkor Book Project
and JewishGen. We need your help.

Joyce Field
Yizkor Book Project Manager

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