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Paula Zieselman <pzieselman@...>

Shalom friends! We in the Israel Genealogical Society [IGS] have
noticed that the vast majority of letters to Jewishgen of late regard
help with finding Israeli submitters of Pages of Testimony. We would
like to help you and are setting up a process whereby you can send us
your queries and we will field them for you. They will stay on our
website where everyone similarly wanting to find submitters of pages
of testimony or their descendants will post their queries. We will
then publicize the site around Israel so that people can check in
from time to time to see if they know anyone or can help you in your

If you will go to
<http://www.isragen.org.il>http://www.isragen.org.il and look under
"Projects" on the side bar, you will see a category called "Searching
for Submitters of Pages of Testimony in Israel"

Send us ALL the following information to: "Rose Feldman"

Testimony regarding: [Last name, First name]
Country of origin or pre-war residence
Name of submitter of Testimony
Relationship to deceased
Year of submission to YVS
Address and telephone number of Pof Tsubmitter
Your name
Your email and phone number
Date of posting your enquiry

Martha Lev-Zion
President, IGS-Negev

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