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Subject: Fw: Remember the Jews of KOZIENICE

Hello and Shalom
Who knows if there is still an organization (landslat) any where in the
world >from Kozienice. I think ther was one in Paris France and one in Israel
in Tel Aviv and in a kibboutz i think MR. MADANES was living in this
Regards and thank you
Lazare Berneman
Antwerp Belgium

Remember the Jews of KOZIENICE

Dear Lazare,

I am sorry there is probably no organization anymore for this community
although there was and they have a Yizkor Book which you probably know of.

It is never too late to start a memorial web site on the Internet. If you
wish to do in my web site, chapters >from your book, I shall be glad to
One uncle of my father, Rabbi Meir Zlotnik of Glowaczow was killed there
durng the Akcja. He refused to get into the death train, covered himself
with talith & Tfilin and was shot on the sport by the German , blotted be
their names for ever...
I wonder if you have been there yourself and you know of the mass grave
where he was buried?



Ada Holtzman

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