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Dear Ms Miller,

I am sorry but I cannot agree with your translation
certain passages of the Yiddish text.

A)"a shvere sedre" does not mean in this context "a
difficult weekly Thora portion" although that is
indeed the literal meaning. Here it is used rather
humorously to say "a difficult matter" meaning, of
course, that the new immigrants to South America
having a hard and difficult time getting used to the

B) "m'pashet dem khoymer" does not mean at all "the
fool tending cattle". "khoymer" is a Hebraism and
means "material things" and not "a fool" as you say.
So the passage means "we are tending to our material
Then the writer goes on to say "un m'fargrobyanevet
dos pitsl nefesh" which does not mean "to bury the
little soul" as you say, but means "to neglect our
spirit so that it becomes boorish and ignorant".
Therefore I'd suggest to replace your sentence "the
fool tending cattle, burying the little soul" by
something like "we are tending here to our material
needs and completely neglecting our spiritual ones".

C) "di alte boymldike shiraim fun amol" does not at
all mean "the old trees, remnants >from before" as
say. "Boymldike shiraim" refers to the shiraim it
an honour to consume after the Rebbe. Here it is
as a metaphor for the spiritual values that the
finds are being neglected in S.A. Therefore I'd
suggest to replace your sentence "happy are those
are not burdened by the old trees, remnants from
before, etc" by something like "happy are those who
are not burdened by the spiritual values of the
past...the old, aristocratic past is a burden to our
present". I am sorry if this is rather repetitive
so is the original.

All the best,
Aida Rauch

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