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Michele Renaud <michelerenee217@...>

Hello all,=20
I have been doing genealogy research for one month. I consider =
myself to be intermediate in doing Genealogy research.
I live in suburban, New York State .
My native language is English I do not know any other languages
I consider myself advanced at using a computer. My experience in using =
the Internet is extensive.=20
I have identified the names and birth and death dates of=20
grandparents, of my great grandparents and part of my great =
My primary research goals now are to find out my heritage and if any =
descendants or relatives survive.

The family names and towns that I am researching are: =20

HOFER, John, Switzerland, to New York in about 1860 >from Westmoreland?

HOFER, John, Austria, to New York about 1868, my understanding is that =
my great great grandfather fought in or against Napoleon army? As far =
as I know, my great grandfather and two of his siblings escaped the Nazi =
death camps by boarding a train with the SHAUER family who then migrated =
to USA.

SHAUER- Austria, to USA with children and my great grandfather John =
Hofer and 2 siblings. The Shauer family helped in getting them to =
safety. Seeking any information on the Shauer family and or descendants.

DOBRONSKI/KESIS, Elizabeth. Budapest, Hungary to New York about 1850, =
according to family, my great grandmother escaped Hitler regime and =
married an Austrian man John Hofer/Hoffer when she was approx 16 yrs =

Given Name: KESIS. Great-grandmother known as Elizabeth=20
D-M code 379645 fr. Gyongyos/Gyorgy Hungary

D-M code 579000 >from Switzerland/Austria. Approx deportation years 1860 =
+/- 10 yrs=20
to Ellis Island?They met on boat? Escaped concentration=20
camps.LDS Film#'s 719823 and 2189245=3D20

Children include: Irene/Isabella (my grandmother) siblings: Andrew, =
Susan, Lizzie, Jacob and at least 6 more.
Please help me? Sincerely, Michele

Signed: Michele Renee Talerico Renaud, New York, USA

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