Descendents of Joseph Samuels #galicia

Arlene Beare

I am looking for the descendants of Joseph Samuels. In the 1891
England census he gives his place of origin as Lochlin. This may be
Zyechlin incorrectly written down by the clerk. He lived in East End of
London, married a Dora Dembinski, and had 11 children named Rose,
Ada, Susan, Sarah, Israel, Annie, Eva, Louis, Abraham, Phillip and

His brother Benjamin gives his place of origin in 1911 as Krakow so
I do not know where they originated as they may have been born in
one place and then moved somewhere else.

If anyone recognises any of these names I would really appreciate
hearing >from you.

Arlene Beare
Dorfman - Birzai Lithuania and Riga Latvia.
Blum and Sher - Pandelys Lithuania and Riga Latvia.
Berman - Lygumai Lithuania and Jekabpils Latvia.

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