Re: House Numbers of Lviv Records #galicia

Logan J. Kleinwaks

Ellen Korpi asked, "Is there any way to correlate the Lviv house
numbers >from the 1800s with actual locations to see which houses
were in the same neighborhood?"

I previously posted to this mailing list detailed instructions for
finding the correspondence between Lwow house numbers and street
addresses in 1871. The post is called, "Re: Galician house numbers
but no street names," Mon, 16 Nov 2009. You can find it by searching
the JewishGen database called "The JewishGen SIG Lists message
Archives." I also posted the instructions at

Note that, as shown in that post, it is not generally true that
sequential street addresses correspond to sequential house numbers,
or vice versa.

There might have been renumberings or renamings before or after
1871, and it would be useful for someone to explore this to
determine the extent to which the 1871 correspondence is valid for
other years.

Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.

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