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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

We welcome Scott Leo of Washington D.C., who states in
his introductory posting of 3rd August that he is
relatively new to the group and has only been doing
genealogical research for 8 months. He is looking for
his GOLDSCHMIDT and AUERBACH roots in Bohemia and
possibly, Vienna. His connection to this group is
through one of his gtgt-grandfathers, Edward
GOLDSCHMIDT (1848-1917), born in an unknown location
in Bohemia, who emigrated to the USA and married Sarah
MERZBACH in New York in 1875.

His gtgtgt-grandmother >from Bohemia was Fanny nee
AUERBACH - married to Abraham GOLDSCHMIDT. Their birth
dates would be approx. 1820-1830. ie they would be the
children of babies [or as yet unborn children] in the

1793 census of Bohemia.

I will start with AUERBACH in Bohemia in 1793:

1. Abraham aged 28: son of Isak >from Pilsner Kreis,
Schonwald, living in Muttersdorf, Klattauer Kreis, an
assistant. [Ages are rarely given; Abraham is an

2. Moyses: Pilsner Kreis - in Stadt Prezschtitz/
Prestice, but belonging to the Schutz of Schonwald
[see 1] - a Cantor.

3.Isak: Pilsner Kreis probably in his 50s - a potash
distiller in Schonwald [see 1 and 2], with three sons
living at home: Lowi, married with baby Abraham;
Isarel [sic] and Josue {sic]. Abraham [see 1] appears
to be a fourth son.

4. Jacob: Elbogner Kreis, Arnitzgrun/Arnoltov, - a
teacher with a wife and two daughters.*

5. Samuel - Bunzlauer Kreis, Jung Bunzlau - a Cantor
with wife and son, Simon.

Statistically, we might assume that Fanny AUERBACH
came >from the Schonwald families, Pilsner Kreis - but
that needs to be verified with documentary evidence.

In the next posting, I will concentrate on GOLDSCHMIDT
and see if there is any correlation between the two
names and the above locations.

We must remember that, as yet, Prague has not been
included in this assessment - so all the data is

Celia Male [U.K.]

* Jacob may well have taught the forebears of our SIG
members, Caryn Adler and Dave Bernard, who both have
ADLER connections in this village in the Elbogen Kreis
[search our message archives with relevant keywords].

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