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Harriet Brown <hnbrown@...>

Hello Stan and everyone else,

Stan's message has prompted me to go back and look through some items that
I bought >from Tomy Wisniewski a while back. Several of them may be of
interest to us.

One is a print of a photo of the interior of the Nowe Miasto synagogue, on
glossy paper, about 5" by 7". Nowe Miasto was very close to Ciechanow, and
many Ciechanowians (?), including some of my family members, spent part of
the war in the Nowe Miasto ghetto. I also have a line drawing reproduction,
from a book, of the outside of the Nowe Miasto synagogue, which was built I
believe in 1779. It was one of the wooden synagogues in this part of Poland.

I also have two maps. One map is >from 1886, >from the Russian era (so
everything is labeled in Russian), which shows Ciechanow and the
surrounding area. This map shows some of the streets and the Jewish
cemetery, I've been told; I can't read it myself. The second map is German,
from about 1914, and is of Ciechanow and the surroundings.
I would be willing to scan any of these items in so that they could be
formatted for our web site.

Finally, I don't quite understand what needs to be done on the 1923
business directory. I am glad to work on it, but I work on a Mac, and have
had trouble in the past with the special characters.

--Harriet Brown
Madison, WI

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