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Stan Zeidenberg

Here is a reply that I received today (privately) to my earlier posting.
See below.

Stan Zeidenberg
Toronto, Canada
Ciechanow Research Group, Coordinator
(the reply)

Fabulous idea. I have already started it.

There are 6 films containing pre-1826 Roman Catholic civil records for
Ciechanow numbered 702,772 - 777. The records I've perused thus far are
chock full of Jewish records.

Like the rest of this area, while there are scattered surnames as far back
as the beginning of the records, by May 1822 surnames appear to have been

I have already extracted the surnamed records. I had created a database of
these, then my hard drive crashed before I sent it to JRI-PL. I still have
a hard copy, I just have to re-enter the data. Now that I hear you're
interested, I will do it in the next few days and get it off to you. The
database will contain all the Jewish records >from these films for May 1822
through December 1825 (just over 250 records, counting marriages as one).
There were specifically Jewish indexes, but I recall them being very poorly
numbered (especially 1825) and many of the Jewish records contained in the
book were not included in the index. Therefore, I made my data straight
from and true to the record, not the index. (Anybody who looked at the
Jewish indexes and did not find what they were looking for may be in for a
pleasant surprise.)

I have already begun the patronymic records also. Unlike the post-1826
records, rather than going >from Jan 1 to Dec 31 of a given year, they go
from May 1 to April 30, so the years are designated 1821/22, 1820/21, etc.
(since the record keeping began in May 1808). I have completed 1821/22 and

In addition to the Ciechanow films, there are others the group should
coordinate a look-through. After 1826, all Jews who lived in the Diocese of
Ciechanow were required to report their events in Ciechanow. Before 1826
(or possibly 1822, I'm not sure) they were allowed to report to their local
church elsewhere in the Diocese. Many of these civil records are also
available. The list of towns/churches and film numbers in the Diocese of
Ciechanow for which pre-1826 civil records are available is as follows:

Ciemniewko - 702,469 -70
Glinojeck - 702,474-75
Koziczynek - 702,787-88
Krasne - 702,791-92
Lekowo - 1,496,584 (7-8) - 1,496,585 (1-6)
Lopacin - 702,599
Lysakowo - 702,602
Maluzyn - 702,479-80
Niedzborz - 702,484
Sonsk - 702,614-15
Zenbok - 702,488
Zielona - 702,491-92

There were also churches in the diocese that claim to have had parish
records, but not civil records, >from this era. I don't believe anything
until I check it myself (or at least someone in the group checks it out).
These towns, and the numbers for their parish records are as follows:

Golymin - 702,587-88
Grudusk - 702,593-94
Kraszewo - 702,797
Opinogora - 702,606
Paluki - 702,609
Sulerzyz - 702,621

In addition, all the towns with civil records also have claimed parish

While I haven't been through any of these records yet, I am fairly familiar
with the patronymic era records in the area. I supplied the patronymic
extractions to JRI-PL for Biezun, Chorzele, Kucbork and Pryzasnysz. While
these records are all in Polish and reasonably easy to read (with
exceptions), merely perusing the records will not generally help a person
find what they are looking for. They can be very confusing one record at a
time. (If you want an explaination as to why, I will forward an explanation
I just sent in response to an inquiry I received >from a person using my
Biezun database. I am sure the same is true for Ciechanow). The only way
to do justice in a search through these records is by an extraction of the
entire record and puzzling through the results. However, at the same time
it is exceptionally rewarding to find something. These records contain a
lot more information than the surname based records. For example, rather
than the professional witnesses of the later years, witnesses were generally
other family members - brothers, fathers-in-law, etc. Additionally, while
in the surname records you might get a man and his father both using the
same surname, in the patronymic records, if you get a man and his father,
you get the father's patronymic, which takes you back one generation
further. (I found, in Pryzasnysz, the 1811 marriage record of a set of my
Ciechanow GGGG grandparents which gave me the full set of all their parent's
names and some of their grandparents).

I planned on eventually doing this all myself, but it will take me years, if
not decades. I look forward to some coordinated assistance. Extracting
records is not difficult, just time consuming. People can help in two ways.
The most time consuming part is indentifying the Jewish records >from amongst
the set. You have to look at every record (the indexes are not reliable).
Then, you have to extract the info >from the Jewish ones. If someone is
unable to extract, they can still help by going through the film and
indentifying the Jewish records. This is fairly simple. I look/glance for
three things, a Hebrew signature at the bottom of the record, the Starhommey
(or whatever it is) before the name of the reporting witness, or, if the
record seems to contain all Jewish given names, I will record it even if it
does not have the other indicators (I always figure it is better to be
over-inclusive). However, the Evangelicals also tended to use Biblical
names, so if I see any exclusively non-Jewish names (like Mary), I skip it.
You can skim the records for these indicators fairly quickly, but there are
a lot of records to skim through (6 films just for Ciechanow).

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