#Ciechanow #Poland Enhanced Search Features- two week free access period #poland #ciechanow

Stan Zeidenberg


At the IAJGS conference in Las Vegas, the JewishGen presentation wowed
attendees with the newest search features developed by our behind the
scenes team of magicians. These new advanced search features for the All
Country Databases are truly awesome and will continue to be available to
everybody in a final two week demonstration period ending August
14th. These new features include all of the following:
* You can search by a specific Given Name (first name), as well as
Surname (last name), Town Name, and full-text search.
* You can filter searches by geographic regions and sub-regions such as
gubernia or district.
* You can specify search criteria for each field ·and use a "sounds
like" feature.
* You can filter searches for data updated since a specific
* You can search in the JOWBR Cemetery Database by Given Names which
allows you to find tombstones which don't contain a surname! Try it at
* You can combine multiple search criteria, using Boolean AND/OR
searches. For example, you can search for all persons whose surname sounds
like "Katz" and first name Starts-With "Abr". Or you can search for family
groups containing a particular set of given names, within a particular town.
And that's only a partial list of all that has been added! You might want
to read the full announcement on line at
http://www.jewishgen.org/JewishGen/pr/2005July.htm In addition, it's
probably best to visit the All Country Databases yourself to try out the
newest capabilities offered to all. You'll find them at

The last three features listed above will be available only to those who
qualify for value-added services after August 14th so be sure to try them
before the cut off date.

While we never subtract anything >from basic search and use capabilities
which always have been, and will continue to be available to all
JewishGenners, the value-added service is our way of saying thank you to
those who provide financial support and help us pay the bills for all the
programs and projects we offer as a public service.
After August 14th the last three enhanced search features currently freely
available to all in this open demonstration period will be restricted to
those who make annual contributions of $100 or more to the JewishGen
General Fund. We encourage all JewishGenners to try them out and see if
they are worthy of your financial support. If you have already donated
this year, but less than the $100 minimum you can make the additional
donation necessary to become eligible for the value-added services
program. Value-added services currently consist of additional e-mail
addresses for use within JewishGen and the JGFFAlert which notifies you via
e-mail if someone adds a listing to the JGFF that could be a potential
match to your own.

If after trying out the new features, you feel they are valuable to you,
then please go
and select the JewishGen General Fund. Remember, the cutoff date for free
access to the new and enhanced searching is August 14th.

Here's hoping you find them useful!


Carol W. Skydell, Vice President
JewishGen Special Projects

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