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Steven Bloom

Just to be a bit more clear, since it would seem to the average
reader that some of our posts might be contradictory.

My guide in Ciechanow in 2008 said that there had been two
cemeteries, the old one and a newer (20th century)
one. The old one didn't seem to exist in any form at all, as far as I
could tell. The new one was sort of a lot,
but I think maybe better described as a strip of park in front of an
apartment building. No stones or anything, not even crushed or
knocked down. There is a Holocaust memorial there with no names. The
inscription was quite stark and just said something about it being a
memorial to those who were martyred at the hands of the Nazis.

>from what others said, some intact stones might exist (they were use
for paving). I know in other towns, such as Aleksandrow, they were
able to retrieve a number of stones that were used for paving, but
the process of restoring the cemetery is long and arduous and costs money.

But the long and the short of it is that I wouldn't expect to see a
lot in Ciechanow, but I believe one should go to the ancestral towns
anyway, even if there is not a lot there....especially if you have
other towns you can visit that do have cemeteries. Perhaps you can do
some advance research and determine whether it would be worthwhile to
get some records at the records office in Ciechanow. I did this in other towns.

Steve Bloom
Central Virginia

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