Meanings of Abbreviations #galicia

Marilyn Robinson

On a 1925-26 Lviv School Report I saw the following next to some
students' names and I was unsure of the meanings--I did try googling.

"przyroda"--is this "nature" or natural science?
"egz. uzup"---??

Niedrig Markus (egz. uzup.)
Efrusi Ira (przyroda)

Marilyn Robinson

Searching: Unterberger (Tarnow, Galicia, Austria), Kapelner (Galicia,
Austria, Tarnow), Schutz/Schultz (Galicia, Austria, Ulanow), Yudin
(Sharkovshchina), Luria/Leurie (Lodz, Warsaw), Reichman/Richman
(Warsaw, NY-NJ), Regent (Krakow), Wieser/Weiser (Galicia, Tarnow,
other), Balsam (Galicia), Zager (Galicia)

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