Tabula registers #galicia

Bruce Drake <bruce.drake@...>

I have a KehilaLinks site for Wojnilow/Voynilov and have also been
researching my ancestors there (DRACH).

I read Alex Dunai's article about the Tabula registers in Lviv which
obviously caught my interest since he said there were 3 Wojnilow
volumes -- obviously a great potential resource for so small a place
for which resources are not always abundant.

Short of a trip to Lviv, is there any way to tap into this? I assume I
could hire a researcher for the purpose of seeing if there were any
records pertaining to my family, but being unfamiliar with what else
might be in these volumes, I wouldn't know how to frame a research
request for information that might be useful for my Wojnilow history
on my site, in terms of what to tell anyone to look for.

Bruce Drake
Silver Spring, MD


MODERATOR NOTE: Comments about the use of Tabula registers as
a genealogical source are very welcome. However, please send
privately any advice about hiring specific researchers.

See the Voynilov, Ukraine, KehilaLinks page at .

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