#Ciechanow #Poland JewishGen's Success! Stories -- The New Edition June 2018 #poland #ciechanow

Phyllis Kramer

We invite you to read the inspiring success stories recently published
to our website. You can access these accounts >from the "About Us"
button on the website or by following this link:

** Gary Koeppel only knew that the young girl in the photos had been
transported >from Prague to England around 1939, her name was
Alexandra, she was the daughter of his paternal grandfather's sister,
and she had been placed in the home of a British family. He then began
his long search.

** Michael Diamant was searching for any living relatives on his
father's maternal side of the family. The search had gone cold when he
received an email >from a man in Poland who had read his family
description in the JewishGen Discussion Group and recognized the name
Norbert Aleksandrowicz.

** Sherry Levy-Reiner tries to unravel the mystery of her
great-grandfather's death on a voyage to Palestine in the 1920s. The
only fact was that there were no facts: no dates, no documents, no
clues. We repost this moving story >from our Archives.

JewishGen volunteers (Editor - Nancy Siegel and Webmaster - Colin
Mathias Justin) collect and post these stories. We encourage you to
submit your own success stories to us at success@lyris.jewishgen.org .

Phyllis Kramer, NYC & PBG, Florida
VP, Education & Special Projects, JewishGen, Inc.

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