Re: Vale Simonas Dovidavicius

Ettie Zilber

 Thank you for posting about Simonas' passing.  I am terribly saddened.

What a wonderful, warm man. He was my guide, chauffeur, interpreter and researcher when I visited Lita 2 summers ago. He helped me in the archives, both in Kovno/Kaunas and Vilna/Vilnius and found documents that I was searching for. He helped me find a "Savanoris" (War of Independence volunteer) military medal to take the place of the one owned (and confiscated) by my grandfather for his military service; this medal saved his life during the massacres at the 7th Fort in June-July, 1941; he brought pre-WW2 street maps to help me find the homes of my mother's and father's families. And, he introduced me to his Jewish community for an Erev Shabbat and to the Sugihara museum, of which he was so proud. He was generous with his time and his knowledge and we enjoyed speaking both Yiddish and Hebrew together.
  I will miss him.
Rest in Peace, Chaver
Ettie Zilber, EdD
Executive Director, ZedEd Consultancy
Supporting Diverse Communities in Cross-cultural Transition

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