Re: Des Moines question

Judith Singer

"Jewish Glendale Cemetery" refers to one area of the Glendale Cemetery, which is maintained by the City of Des Moines and is ecumenical. Other areas of Glendale are devoted to Masons, veterans, infants, etc. There's a map of Glendale Cemetery with the sections outlines at  

Jews are also buried at Woodland Cemetery in Des Moines, plus Temple B'nai Jeshurun maintains a closed inactive cemetery on the East Side of Des Moines (where Eastern European Jews originally settled in Des Moines). The City of Des Moines also maintains three smaller cemeteries in addition to Glendale and Woodland but I am not aware of any Jews buried in those other three (that doesn't mean there aren't any, just that I'm not aware of them). The Iowa Jewish Historical Society might be able to provide more information about those other three.  

Happy holidays - Judith Singer


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