MILLER or MUELLER or MÜLLER or MULLER from Mannheim, Germany to Connecticut, USA

Reuven Mohr

I would appreciate help with a r e a l l y frequent last name (within intermarriage): My ggrandfather's sister Emilie WEIL, b. Frankenthal, Palatinate, Apr 20, 1854, d. probably in Connecticut, USA, in 1873 married a protestant in Mannheim, Germany by the name Julius Otto Adolph MÜLLER. He was born Königsberg, East Prussia Jul 16, 1842. They had at least 4 children born in Mannheim:
  1. Bertha Charlotte, 1874-1935, in USA married to Ernest/Ernst LEUZINGER. No children.
  2. Albert Friedrich, b. Feb 25, 1875 in Mannheim, seemes to have lived in Germany at least till after WWI. He was jailed for some time in Germany.
  3. Friedrich Wilhelm, b. Jul 31, 1876 in Mannheim. He seems to be a Fred/Fredric MILLER who later lived in Connecticut, USA.
  4. Anna Louise/Luise, b. Jan 3, 1879 in Mannheim.
After the death of her husband on Jan 7, 1880, the mother Emilie moved to CT in 1891, to live near her siblings in New Haven, CT. as Amelia or Emilia MILLER. Possible other spellings would be MULLER or MUELLER.
I wonder if 4) Anna Louise came to USA, and if she got married? I could not find if 2) and 3) had any families. Thanks for any assitance!

Reuven Mohr, Israel

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