Re: help with Budapest addresses

Susan J. Gordon

At c 25   At last, and thanks to the invaluable help of member Deanna Levinsky, I am now able to reply.

A recollection in the 1993 book, Young People Speak: Surviving the Holocaust in Hungary, Franklin Watts & Co. was written by Peter Barta (now deceased) and is called "The Brickyard." Barta was 10 years old in November 1944 when he, his mother and six year old sister were force-marched and later "trucked," along with many other Jews, to a brickyard in "Obuda." Fortunately, the three Bartas held Swedish papers they obtained from his mother's friend, "Eva the Swede" (who was a Jewish Hungarian, not a Swede) who was my second cousin whom I found in 1999 in Tel Aviv. The papers were life-savers for the family, who left the brickyard.

I bought a copy of the book online but it also should be easy to find in public libraries. All the stories are well written and worth it. Good Luck!

Susan Gordon
PS -I quoted Barta in my book, Because Of Eva: A Jewish Genealogical Journey, 2016 Syracuse U Press.
PPS - The book, Jewish Monuments etc , cited above, is also excellent.

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