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Tony Hausner


Thanks for your email.  Our group started out focused on the Isle of Man. In the process, folks who's family members were interred on other camps in Great Britain, in Canada and Australia have joined us and been part of the discussion.  You are the first person to mention internment in Kenya, so I don't know if anyone is knowledgeable about Kenya's internment camps.  Since it was part of the British Commonwealth at one time, you are welcome to join if you like. Please let me know.  

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Hello Tony - your subject heading is very broad ie British internment.  What was then classified as British covered vast swathes of the globe.  Yet when I read the details all you seem to mention is a single island off the British Isles viz the Isle of Man.  What I would like to know is whether the group that you have set up and more importantly the research covers other areas of then British territory.  The reason I ask is that my father having escaped Nazi Germany and one of their internment camps Buchenwald was subsequently interned in Kenya, where he ended up, after War broke out.  In one of his letters to my mother who was visiting Israel that time with her own mother in the fifties, my father mentioned meeting a German inmate with whom he was interned at the Naivasha Camp.  (My mother kept my father's letters sent to her in Israel.  Other than my father's brief mention about the internment I have no other details.  I was wondering therefore such information on Kenya internment camps following the outbreak of WWII exist.

Dave Lichtenstein
Sydney, Australia

Tony Hausner

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