Re: A fascinating Crypto-Jewish history uncovered

Schelly Talalay Dardashti

Genie's family moved back and forth from Spain to Portugal, as many converso families did - confirmed by the excellent Spanish and Portuguese archival records. Genie's maternal generations are each fully documented back to 1405 and her paternal line to the 1200s. And, for those who say that is impossible, my own records begin in 1327 Girona and from 1353-1398 in the town of Lleida/Lerida, Catalunya, Spain. On my first visit to the Lleida archives with the amazing genealogist Maria Jose Surribas of Barcelona, I was handed a plain manila folder containing my original 1353 doc and another one from 1202 for the Laby de Cavalleria family. To paraphrase Mel Brooks, "It's good to have a Sephardic line!"

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