Help in locating towns/cities/villages in Hungarian region of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and in Eastern Poland/Western Russia or Ukraine


Hello to members of Jewish Gen groups and thanks in advance for any help you may be able to offer.

I have located U.S. Naturalization certificates for two of my grandfathers, and both list the town/city/(perhaps) province where they were born, but I am unable to locate either place.

One naturalization certificate notes that my paternal great grandfather was born in "Salstein, Russia," in 1867 (though 1876 seems more likely), according to the most plausible reading of the handwriting on the certificate -- based on a careful reading of the shape of each individual letter and comparison of those letters with cursive letters by the same Clerk of the U.S. District Court on the same certificate. I've considered other possible readings, such as Galstein or Salstun or even substituting English equivalents of Cyrillic characters and reading it as "Calstein," but there doesn't seem to be such a place that I can find.

The place name "Salstein," if it existed, is obviously Germanic, and Germanic place names became very unpopular in the aftermath of WW1, but my paternal great grandfather's naturalization took place in 1907, at least 7 years before the outbreak of WW1.

Since my great grandfather was born around 1870 and left his homeland around 1891, when he reported in 1907 that he was born in "Salstein, Russia," he probably had in mind the country that claimed that location around 1870, which could well have changed by 1890=1 or by 1907, when he was naturalized. The most likely other country that might have claimed "Salstein" would probably be Poland, but my search for Saqlstein, Poland -- or reasonable variations on "Salstein" -- have been similarly unproductive.

My maternal great grandfather's naturalization certificate identifies his birthplace as "Karoshow" or "Karoskow" or "Karoshom" or "Karosean" Hungary, but that place has been similarly elusive. Hungry, of course, did not exist as a separate country when he was born around 1868, so the reference to "Hungary" may be a general reference to a Hungarian enclave in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which could even be a Hungarian enclave in a country later formed by the split-up of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (e.g., Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, etc.).

I would appreciate any advice or pointers that Jewish Gen group members could provide.

This is my first posting to the Jewish Gen discussion group, and I hope the inquiry is within the bounds of what the group is intended for. If it isn't, maybe one of the members can direct me to a better place to post.


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