Har Hamenuchot Cemetery - Jerusalem.

nigel wilson <wilsonettess@...>

Dear Genners,

A friend in the UK is seeking a photograph of his grandfather's tombstone in Israel - it is not registered on Billion Graves, FAG, IGRA database, Gravez - however the cemetery has given the following details over the phone but will not provide a photograph - although I live in Israel myself I am physically unable to go to the said cemetery - if anyone should be going to the cemetery and can take a photograph it would be so gratefully appreciated.
Details:  Bennetto Vendor  ( vav nun daled raish) (son of David) buried 3rd June 1966  in Har Hamenuchot Jerusalem -  in the mountain range..section tuff - tet...in gimmel row alef  grave 8
Thanking in anticipation.

Patricia Wilson (Israel)

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