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ich = a Slavic name ending forming a patronymic. It is similar to ivch, ivich, owicz, ovitz, witz,

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From: Ellen Barnett Cleary <ellencleary@...>
Date: 12/31/19 5:38 PM (GMT-05:00)

My great grandmother's surname at birth, according to a tree written by
my deceased cousin, was Kushnevich. My cousin was extremely accurate
about most things but his spelling was not the best. So I am pretty
sure he wrote this as he heard it; I have no idea how correctly it is

The only information I have about where this great grandmother was born
is from the census:
1860 age 22, born Poland
1870 age 31, born Poland
1880 not found
1900 born May 1840, married 40 years, born Poland (Russ)
1910 age 70, married 52 yrs, born Pol Russian, parents born Pol Russian
1920 age 79, born Poland, parents born Poland

If anyone can tell me what Beider's/ Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from
the Kingdom of Poland says about the name.Kushnevich I would be very

And I welcome any other insights you might have to share with me.

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