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Hunting for graves (in Israel).    of Morris (Moritz, “Mor”, Moshe?) POHORYLES

1895, Morris (Moritz, “Mor”, Moshe?) POHORYLES  born Husiatyn / 
1980, NYC, 2nd wife died, no kids/
1981, Made Aliyah, lived in Kfar Saba / 
1981, ad in J’lem Post Magazine: 
        “ To our dear Uncle 
      (formerly of New York, now Xfar Saba) 
      on his 90th birthday 

      Best wishes for good health and well-being for many years. 

     With love from; 
      Prof. Dr. Bernard and Florence Pohoryles — New York 
      Dvora Sonnenschein — Haifa 
      Esther and Alexander Mannheim — Haifa 
      Dora and Mendel Einhom — Tel Aviv 
      Ruth and Max' BRILLIANT — Haifa 
      Simha and David Oren (Einhom] — Safed”
          [Jerusalem (Israel) Post Magazie, May 2, 1981]

1986, died in Israel,  aged 94. 

1947 - Yacob Osias NIEDERMAYER & wife, Rachel NIEDERMAYER, nee POHORYLES. were granted Israeli citizenship. One of their witnesses was a Max BRILLIANT (signer of the birthday ad above).  

THE MISSION - To locate the graves and determine the parents’ names of:  
   Morris (Moritz, “Mor”, Moshe?) POHORYLES  (1895 - 1986)
   Rachel NIEDERMAYER, nee POHORYLES    (1887 - after 1947)
   Yacob Osias NIEDERMAYER     (1884 - after 1947)
   Ruth BRILLIANT    ( ? - after 1947)
   Max  BRILLIANT    ( ? - after 1947)

   In 1947, the last 4 were living in Haifa.

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