New records added to LitvakSIG All-Lithuania Database

Russ Maurer

LitvakSIG is pleased to announce an update to the free, searchable, All-Lithuania Database. The new records include the following:

-In the marriage category, a total of 532 records from Jonava (1922-1927), Seredzius (1844-1884), Vandziogala (1928-1939), Shchuchin (1897-1914), Vasilishki (1897-1900), and Zashkevichi (1871-1872). 

-In the passports category, 1,948 applications for a Polish foreign (travel) passport filed with the Polish authorities in Vilnius during the interwar years, when Vilnius was part of Poland.

-In the tax & voter category, 2,370 records of Holocaust victims extracted from the book, Holokaustas Ukmergėje (Holocaust in Ukmergė). We thank the Vilna Gaon Jewish Museum and the author, Neringa Latvytė-Gustatienė, for permission to add this material to the ALD and for assistance with the extraction.

All of these records are searchable at They will appear in the search results under the category listed above. An update to the revision list category was announced previously. This announcement concludes the current round of updates.

LitvakSIG is an independent organization that raises its own funds and determines its own activities. As always, we are grateful to our donors and translators, without whom we could not make these records available. These records were available exclusively to our donors for about the past 18 months. To learn how to support LitvakSIG's work and gain priority access to new translations, visit our website,

The ALD and the LitvakSIG discussion group are hosted by JewishGen.

Happy hunting!

Russ Maurer
Records Acquisition & Translation Coordinator, LitvakSIG

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