Re: Surprising DNA results from Ancestry

Sarah L Meyer

There is a lot of help on Facebook.  There are at least three Jewish genealogy groups, Tracing the Tribe, Jewish genealogy portal and Jews from Poland , a group called DNA Your Jewish journey.  In addition there are general groups for people who do not know one or more birth parents, DNA Detectives and Search Angels - also DNA for genealogy, and a Group with a very long name - Ancestry 23&me FTDNA Gedmatch MyHeritage DNA Genealogy (in some order although Ancestry is first).   I would definitely start with a DNA detectives group in addition to downloading your Ancestry results and uploading the zipped files to FTDNA, MyHeritage and Gedmatch.  Be sure to read the terms of service.  To use the chromosome browser tools - which are important, there are small one time fees at FTDNA and MyHeritage ($19 and $29 respectively I think).  Good luck to you.

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