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I realize this was a couple of years ago. Where are things at presently or is the extraction and posting done? Hoping to find some trace of my family surname likely a variation on Dawidsohn or possibly Dawidowic. But one remotely resembling that surname shows in Ostrowiec presently and Yet I have a number of confirmed Ostrowiec Davidson relatives. 
Here’s what I know anecdotally or from North American records. My GGG Grandfather was Oszer Zelik surname?? b. Ostrowiec c 1829 and his wife my GGG Grandmother Raizel / Machla Rayzla Davidson (born Dawidsohn ??) b.c,1825 d. BW 1861 and 1864 in Ostrowiec. Machla Rayzla’s parents were possibly Hana (born Szlamowicz). B.c 1792 likely Ostrowiec, and d. 1831 in Gniewoszow, Radom and Mosiek (no details on him and some believe OZ took Machla Rayzla’s surname on marriage,  so he may have had a different surname originally. 
OZ’s parents were POSSIBLY father named Minia or Menye, mother  Ruchla.  No other info or surnames there. 

OZ and Machla Rayzla had at least 3 children,
1) my GG GRANDFATHER Chaim Baresh b.c 1850 and died 1910 both Ostrowiec married in Ostrowiec c.1876  to my GG Grandmother Necha Sosia / Nechie Sosza "Nacha Shosha or Nechie/Nellie Sadie" Davidson (born Katz/Kac In May 1857, in Ostrowiec, Poland who died May 14 1923, Toronto Canada.
2) daughter Sura Chaja, later married Froim Ajzenberg later Izenberg, likely in Ostrowiec
3) Sholem later Samuel b. Oct 1861 inOstrowiec who married Sarah about 1888 in Ostrowiec.

All came over to Canada already separately declaring themselves as DAVIDSONs already per ship records, but I can find no trace of any of them in Ostrowiec even by first name combinations or with spouses. 
They are the only branch of my family with no Polish records at all, only anecdotal info. 
It's very frustrating as I’ve been searching for many years, and am a fairly experienced amateur genealogist...
Can you help? 
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