Re: Surprising DNA results from Ancestry

Dave Lichtenstein

Hello Bob.  I am not going to use a meaningless "like" with your post but rather comment on it.  You are right in that we Jews are endogamous.  Both my sisters did the right thing and married fellow Jews (sadly one of them later became divorced.)  I have taken a couple of major DNA tests and I must admit that I am sometimes a bit sceptical of the results.  In fact I am quite flattered by many of the results apparently being linked to many people with Anglo-Celtic names.  Having lived all my life in predominantly Anglo-Celtic communities, I have always felt the odd "man" out with my own surname which I have never changed.  However, to get back to the endogamous factor, I now find that I am supposed to be related through my DNA to many of my sisters-in-laws.

With best wishes
Dave Lichtenstein
Sydney, Australia

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