Re: Surprising DNA results from Ancestry


Lots of interesting responses to your post.  I always learn so much from the helpful insight of Jewish Gen members.  My offering is more directed to my personal approach to brick walls.  I suggest creating a timeline for your mother on a general genealogy site like ancestry focusing on city directories and if appropriate the census about the time of your conception and looking for anyone else living at her address.  If her workplace is listed, google that with the year of your conception and see if you can find her there...if so look for other workers there when she was there.  Any other information about your mother from relatives from this time period should also be explored for a recurring male name, for example where she worked, who were her best friends, did she attend a particular church, any volunteer activities like the Red Cross, or social clubs....all focused around the time of your conception.  Try google to pursue any clues you may find.   Don’t discard recurring female connections that may appear; they may have had brothers or cousins that are important.  I know it sounds tedious but it can yield surprising clues about your mother if not your birth father.  Good luck!

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