Re: Illegal Transport Passenger Lists

Helen Krag

There was a book about the Kladovo Transport published in Vienna, as
well as an exhibition at Jewish Museum in Vienna.

The book was written by Gabriele Andeerl and Walter Manoschek. The title
is: Gescheiterte Flucht. Der jüdische 'Kladovo-Transport' auf dem WEg
nach Palästina 1939-42.

In its appendix it includes a list of everybody on the transport.

My own grandfather Jakob Rosenstrauch was on the transport. A memorial
was held in Zasavica, Sabac and Kladovo in 2003 which I attended
together with other grandchildren.

I can't see the name of the person you are searching for, therefore I
could nok look in the book for you.


Helen Krag, Copenhagen

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