Re: Repatriation 1945-7: Russia to Poland



Thank you for an excellent account. My mother also traveled back from Uzbekistan (to Ukraine) in a cattle car, but did not provide such vivid details. To be sure, there was a shortage of normal passenger cars in the Soviet Union at the end of the war, so they were reserved for the “more equal pigs”, i.e. Communist party members, bosses of the industry, and cultural elite.

As to fleeing from Europe, there were several Jewish organizations helping survivors, like HIAS. There was at least one, very secretive, organization called BRIHA, who smuggled Jews into Mandate Palestine. Anybody, whose family went that route, or who is interested in the subject, should seek an excellent book by Ephraim Dekel, titled B’RIHA: Flight to the Homeland. It was published in Hebrew, and then in English, ca. 1973. The book gives a country by country account of the BRIHA’s activities.

Boris Feldblyum

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