Looking for help please - searching great grandparents

Susan Millar

To the best of my knowledge, my great grandparents , Marks Albeitman and Esther M Pfeffer, left Poland and settled in London, UK , in the early 1900’s.   

They arrived with two children, Samuel Harry & Renee Rachel.  They went on to have three more children, Eva, Pauline. ( my grandmother) and Angel.

I have been told recently, that Albeitman would more likely have been Arbeitman.

My mother and I have recently taken Family Finder tests.  We both have a lot of matches.  I recognise none of the family names of my matches and those I contacted, do not recognise Albeitman or Pfeffer.

My great grandparents are buried together in a Jewish cemetery in London.  I have been told that the inscriptions on the headstone name both of their fathers ‘Abraham’.

I have no idea where to head next to establish my connections.

Any suggestions would be most welcome. 

Thanks in advance

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