IAJGS Welcomes New Member - Jewish Genealogical Society of Central New York (JGSCNY)

Nolan Altman

On behalf of the IAJGS Board and our current membership, it is with great pleasure that we welcome the Jewish Genealogy Society of Central New York (JGSCNY) as the newest member of our growing family of IAJGS organizations.  For more information about the group, please contact the group’s Chairperson, Mike Fixler, at  jgscny@...


The group’s next meeting will be Sunday, February 9th, 1:30 PM, at the Jewish Community Center, 5655 Thompson Road, Dewitt, NY. At that meeting, Jeffrey Gorney will speak about his book, “Mysterious Places”.  Mr. Gorney takes a journey from his childhood, offering insightful portraits of grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles and cousins. The world of each comes to life in their humor, strength, courage or sheer zaniness, all played out in the aftermath of the Holocaust in Europe and the ongoing struggle for survival and acceptance in the New World of Brooklyn, NY.  Mr. Gorney is also the author of “Syracuse University, an Architectural Guide”. His articles and photos have appeared in The Syracuse Post-Standard, Encyclopedia of NY State and supress.com.


The International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS) was formed in 1988 as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.  IAJGS is an umbrella group of organizations which provides a common voice for issues of significance to its members, to advocate for and educate about our genealogical avocation, and to coordinate items such as the annual International Conference on Jewish Genealogy.  For more information on IAJGS, please see our website at http://www.iajgs.org/blog/ or contact me at membership@...

Nolan Altman

Membership Development


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