Re: GERNSHEIM - is the name extinct?


A Google Scholar search  or Gernsheim displays items written by:

Elizabeth Beck-Gernsheim
Institute fur Soziologie der Universitat Hamburg
Allende-Platz 1, D-2000 Hamburg 13
[This address may not be current. See a later address below.]

She has been publishing articles since the 1970s, so she is not a young woman.

Published in April 2002 she wrote:
Was Kommt Nach Der Familie? Einblicke in neue Lebensformen 
(What comes after the family?)You can read it online in German at

In 1997 she wrote a book that was republished by Verlag C. H. Beck in 2006 ...
so she may be related to the founder of this publishing company.  
Die Kinderfrage heute: Uber Frauenleben, Geburtenruckgang und Kinderwunsch
You can see a preview of this book at


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