Re: GERNSHEIM - is the name extinct?

David Lewin

Thank you Izzy for so much interest and help !

I had meant my initial question to be answered, and you are, in a way, confirming my thoughts.   You have found ONE individual in the world who still carries the name. Beck-Gernsheim  has retired from her university.   There has been no response from her personal email address ( at least not so far ) not a single individual responded saying they have GERNSHEIM research in their data.   I would ay here that, sadly,  my proposition is carried.  the name GERNSHEIM  IS EXTINCT.   The Nazis have succeeded in this case.  May that line rest in peace?

David Lewin

At 19:18 12/01/2020, cohen.izzy@... wrote:
After finding the name Beck-Gernsheim, I should have checked Wikipedia.
It lists her personal home page at
where her email address is given as

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