Eva Blanket

I would like to request an ENGLISH TRANSLATION of the following BIRTH CERTIFICATE (which is in part HUNGARIAN & an Addendum in CZECH)…. 

for the CHILD of Haim Hersch VEISZ and his wife Feige NEUMAN VEISZ.

The majority of the text is in Hungarian however, there is some Czech as well. I would like this to be translated in its entirety as I can figure out some of the Hungarian but I'm confused especially as to the name of the child as well as the additional notes. Also could you please advise as to which person came to the Registry to give the Notice.
The birth took place in the contiguous towns of Zugo & Talamas, in the county of Sub-Carpathia, Hungary which later became a part of Czechoslovakia.
It is on ViewMate at the following address

Many thanks for your kind assistance,
Eva Blanket
Sydney, Australia
Researching Surnames: VEISZ/WEISZ; DAVIDOVICS; HERMAN; LIPSICS;NEUMAN; LAZAROVICS & variations of such from the Sub-Carpathian region.
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