Re: UPDATE Surprising DNA results from Ancestry

Karen Lukeman

So glad that you have been able to open a new chapter. My husbands parents divorced right after he was born, and his mother's side did not want the father or his family to have contact with Joe. Joe lived all of his life thinking and accepting that his father didn't want him. (Joe is now 68). Then I started doing genealogy about 7 years ago, and with a friend's help, found Joe's father's family. His father had passed away, but Joe had an aunt and uncle, whom we have seen many times. We were also invited to a cousin's wedding last year. Then we found, through DNA, that Joe had a half-brother and half-sister that neither his aunt or uncle knew about. The half-brother is less accepting, but we are planning a trip to to visit the half-sister this year! This is a long way to say, you never know. 😊. All the best to you!!

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