Re: DNA ethnicity


It will help others to help you if the message is less cryptic.

For instance, your grandparents’ names, dates of birth/death/marriage will place your inquiry in a proper historical context.  There may be a love story behind a mixed marriage that took place 120 years ago or last Sunday. But if your grandmother was born, e.g. 1939, one must consider a possibility of her being Jewish by birth, saved by the Catholics during WWII, and living her life as a Catholic afterwards.

I also would like to use this opportunity to call on “fellow genealogists” to list your full name and a contact info in the body of the message. In this case, it would be nice to know wether to address “ntc52" as Nancy or Nicolas. Also, if there is a need to write a direct message, a responder should not waste his time figuring out how to do it. There is no benefit in hiding. As someone whose personal data was stolen from US government databases at least once, and reports of Google amassing our personal medical information, I no longer believe in privacy of anything, as sad as it sounds. No system, including JewishGen, is immune to hacking, so we may as well make life a bit easier for each other.

Boris Feldblyum

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