1784 Poll Tax lists for Lithuania districts

Russ Maurer

LitvakSIG is pleased to make publicly available our entire collection of 1784 poll tax lists, part of our Grand Duchy of Lithuania (GDL) project. The lists are organized into 14 compilations by district. The compilations include 158 component lists and a total of 46,906 lines.

Detailed information about the GDL project, including guidance and examples of locating one's ancestors in these patronymic records (i.e., no surnames, for the most part) can be found on our GDL page. The compilations may be downloaded - no password needed - from our GDL Transcriptions page.

We thank Dorothy Leivers for her dedication to this project. We also thank Sonia Hoffman and the late David Hoffman, who initiated the GDL project and donated the full set of scans and their partially completed transcription work to LitvakSIG.

LitvakSIG is an independent organization that raises its own funds and determines its own activities. As always, we are grateful to our donors and translators, without whom we could not make these records available. These records have been available exclusively to our donors for about the past 18 months. To learn how to support LitvakSIG's work and gain priority access to new translations, visit our website,  https://www.litvaksig.org .

Russ Maurer (vhrproject@...)
Records Acquisition & Translation coordinator, LitvakSIG

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