The Zamosc Memorial Book is now On Line

Jack Berger



I am most pleased to announce that my English translation of ‘Pinkas Zamosc,’ called ‘The Zamosc Memorial Book’ is now available on line for general view.


It can be found in my ‘vinkl,’ by going to


In the upper LEFT hand corner of the home page, you will see a box labelled “Yizkor Books.” Click on it.


This will bring you to the inventory listing of my translations, and you will readily see where the icons are for those files that are online.


I completed and published the hard copy of The Zamosc Memorial Book over fifteen years ago. It is the largest of the corpus of books that I have so processed, running over 800 pages.


The Jewish history of Zamosc is replete with the splendor of the development of Eastern European Jewish culture. That splendor is not confined to matters of religious scholarship by any means.  If nobody else, most readers will recognize the name of I. L. Peretz, who was born in Zamosc, and is among the brightest of stars in the constellation of Jewish literary accomplishment.


You will also learn of the enlightenment of the Count Jan Zamoyski, who after being the Chancellor of the University of Padua, opened his city to Jews, particularly Sephardic Jews fleeing the pitiless Spanish Inquisition, accepting them as legitimate citizens.


I could go  on, but you should read this material yourselves. There  is much to be learned.





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