Re: Do you keep passports?


I appreciate all of you who responded with your own research and keeping passports. I believe I have an earlier passport of my grandfather's that would give me more "insight" into him. This one is later in his years, with only 2 stamps- I think given in the last 10 years of his life. I know my grandparents were very much world travelers, and this one doesn't show it.

I am lucky I got to interview him and my grandmother back in the 90s and get some good stories. My mother was even surprised with what I got- she never heard the story of her mother traveling over on the Rotterdam to Ellis Island, but she knew she came from Makow, Poland and that [my mother's] father was born in Utica, NY.

I will be sure to hold onto the passports I find from relatives, and will probably scan this one's inside cover, just to have with my files.

Linda D. Epstein
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