Re: Once upon a time there was a moderator for this group.....

Joel Ives

I agree that no one is apparently monitoring comments and, many people have not read the Discussion Group requirements for posting messages. One of the worst titles that caused me, and many others, to totally ignore it, is the post, “thoughts – opinions.”  The person posting this message needs to be very specific.  You need to state “thoughts and opinions” about what?? The title of your post is critical to getting good results. Use proper capitalization and don’t use abbreviations that others may not understand. Capitalize family names. Tell us who and where you are and, describe in your message what time frame you are investigating and what the country or city of interest is.  Your post should tell a full story and be able to stand on its own.  We are all very busy and many people I know read more than a hundred emails every day. Most won’t even bother to open a message with a vague title. Of course this isn’t about me, it’s about you!  If you spend the time researching your family, and your time is valuable, it is important that you get the best result from your efforts especially when you broadcast a question that goes to thousands of people in the Jewishgen world. You should also be aware that your message is going into a database that Jewish researchers may be reading years from now.  Wouldn’t you want to carefully prepare your message to the future? I would suggest that you compose your message in “WORD” or another word processing program.  Check the spelling, punctuation, and the gramma and highlight the family surnames you are researching and note where your families were living in the past. Put this information at the bottom of each message.  When you get things just right, then cut and paste the message into the Jewishgen Discussion Group. Good luck in your research!



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ZANKEL, Bohorodczany, Austria-Hungary

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