Re: Liski, Kolomea

Renee Steinig

Gesher Galicia's Galician Town Locator (, which lists all towns located in the Austrian crown land of Galician in 1900, includes a Liski near Kolomea (now Kolomyya).

It's probably the town that the JewishGen Gazetteer ( shows as Leski, Ukraine -- about 8 miles north of Kolomyya. On GoogleMaps, the spelling is Lisky.

The JewishGen distanceĀ is "as the crow flies." By car it's at least 13 miles, depending on the route.


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY

Hannah Sperber <naturefan33@...> wrote:

A town that was part of Austrian Empire and now is in the Ukraine.
Does anyone know the present day name of this town?

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