Re: Once upon a time there was a moderator for this group.....

Peter Lebensold

To answer the initial question and to Peter's below, yes "Virginia" there are still moderators on duty who must approve, edit, reject or delete every single post. However, our job is NOT to be an English teacher. We will not correct spelling, we will not correct grammar, we will not capitalize a last name, and we will not check to see if a link is correct. We will simply make certain of the following rules:

  • Topics: Posts should relate to Jewish genealogy. We do not discuss religious issues (such as "Who is a Jew" and other discussions which are frequently raised within the context of researching one's roots).
  • Moderation: This group is moderated to ensure civility, and that posts are related to Jewish genealogy.
  • Frequency: You may post unique messages as often as you like, but please try to be thoughtful in your posts, and do not abuse this approach by posting many messages the same day, etc.
  • Commercial Posts: We welcome everyone, including other non-profit organizations, to share commercial offers as long as they are related to Jewish genealogy, and that those posting them do not abuse the privilege. Commercial posts should not repeat more than once every three months.
  • Fundraising Posts: Please do not post fundraising requests for other organizations.
  • Images/Files: You may attach images and files (if a file is too large, we might resize it, or ask you to upload it somewhere else, and provide a link).
  • Language: The official language of the group is English, but we can accept messages and content in most languages. If posting something in a language other than English, please provide a sentence describing the content.
  • Links: If posting a link to a website not in English, please provide a description of the content.

Personally, I believe in a lot of communication so in my case I will approve almost everything that applies to the above rules and maybe even beyond. However, if there is a technical issue, a gripe or complaint about the site, please do not send it to the JewishGen Discussion group but to support@.... Also, understand that a single word like "thanks" or "OK" is not really relevant to send to over 7,500 individuals in a discussion group. Also please know that we are volunteers and in my case, it is my way of "giving back" to JewishGen for all that they do and have done to Jewish Genealogy. We not only have to approve posts but new members as well.

If you have any questions, or suggestions, please email the moderation team at moderators@....
Thank you for your understanding
Moderator on Duty


As a former moderator for this group myself, I - too - have been wondering the same thing. 

Moderators not only made sure that queries included all relevant information, that subject lines were informative (i.e. not simply "Help needed"), that duplicate questions ("Was my name changed at Ellis Island ...?) were referred to the appropriate previous discussions, and that senders' names were included: Moderators also double-checked links to make sure they were correct ... changed subject lines when a discussion shifted over to another issue ... headed off off-topic discussions (sometimes terminating those that seemed to have exhausted themselves) ... corrected the inevitable gobbledygook that resulted from correspondents trying to include accented characters (presumably no longer a problem) ... and performed such housekeeping functions as (a) making certain all family names were in caps, (b) limiting "Searching for" listings to no more than 6 lines, and (c) placing all meeting announcements at the end of the digest.

I'd be interested in learning if we still have moderators and - if so - whether their responsibilities have been changed.


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