Tracking a passenger across the Atlantic through England

Steve Stein

I found a passenger, Yanckel Farfel, on a Hamburg list. I would like to track him across the ocean. According to a list I found on Ancestry, he departed in June 1887 on the ship Flamingo headed for New York. However, I can find neither him nor the Flamingo arriving in New York. The record in Ancestry indicates that the arrival place is "Hull (Amerika) via Liverpool", spelled and punctuated exactly like that.

I believe that this individual, upon arriving in New York, may be our relative who changed his name to Jacob Fink. I can see him in various US and NYS censuses, and can calculate his birth date at about 1869 and his arrival date at about 1887 or perhaps 1888, but not consistently. I have not yet acquired his naturalization papers from Brooklyn which would indicate the ship and date he said he arrived on, but in the interim, what does the arrival place indicate? Does it say that he arrived in Hull, on the eastern coast of England, and traveled overland to Liverpool before departing for America?

Steve Stein
Highland Park, NJ

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