DAVID ROPSCHITZ - Ferramonti di Tarsia, Calabria - largest concentration camp in Italy during the war #austria-czech #galicia #germany #poland


Shalom Genners

Some of you may recall I wrote a while ago about my late father's 3 year imprisonment in Ferramonti during the war. He was a Galician-born Jew, who grew up in Vienna in the 1920s and had qualified as a doctor from the University of Genoa, Italy in 1938.  He was arrested in 1940 and sent to Ferramonti where he stayed until the allied liberation of the camp in September 1943. In 1982 he began to write his memoirs of this period of internment as an autobiographical novel but died in 1986 without getting it published. I am happy to say it can now be found on Amazon and Waterstones, my father as author and me as editor.. It will say it is out of stock but do not be put off.  It has several pages of black and white photos at the back of unnamed internees.  I would dearly love to know who they were especially one of the ladies who featured prominently. She was a young dark-haired lady, of German origin, married to a much older Yugoslav. My father called them Su and Arnold Springer. He often chose names that were similar to the real names but none of my research has been able to identify them even using the Anna Pizzuti database. They are supposed to have left the camp for Bari (Italy) after the liberation and then who knows where. I will attach some photos. If anybody would like to buy the book it is called "Ferramonti, salvation behind the barbed wire" and the author is David Henryk Ropschitz, editor Yolanda Ropschitz-Bentham. It is in paperback and a digital version is to be available shortly.  I hope for some people who were either in the camp or know those who were, this could be a real opportunity to get a taste of day to day life in Ferramonti as experienced back in 1940 by my father.

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