Re: Bad Aarolsen Data Base

Bernard Flam

Hi from Paris,
You directly access and search Bad Arolsen archives with this link :
Be aware of their advice : only a part of victim's archives are on line.
If you find or if you search somebody, fill the "inquiry form" :
They reply always, but delay can be some weeks.
Apart from archives of deportation, nazis camps and DP's camps, they detain some personnal objects of our "Losts" and try to give them back to descendants.

khavershaft (Friendship, the old Bundist's salute)
Bernard Flam
Archives and history of Medem Center - Arbeter ring of France
Searching FLAM / AGID / STOLTZ around Lwow, Jaworow, Olesko, Brody
ZYSMAN, KRONENBERG, ROTTERMAN of Lodz, Opocno, Zdunka Wola

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